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Balkan Educational Consulting as being a young and dynamic intuition would like to expand its activities.  The BEC has been active in the area of teaching in Kosovo and is willing to help our students who would like to study abroad. In other words BEC is willing to be active in foreign education consultancy business.

Foreign Education Consultancy as a business is a very new concept for Kosovo market but, this is a very well known sector in other parts of the world. Only in Turkey 100.000 students go outside Turkey for academic purposes such as learning a second language or improving it. Attending to bachelor, master or PhD degrees, and participating in summer camps in countries such as the USA, the UK or Canada are other ways of going out the country for foreign education.

ISpeakBetter offers different level of English courses according to the needs of people. Moreover, we offer our courses with specialized foreigner teachers and customized training system. As BALKANEDU we also serve as the partner of ISpeakBetter in Kosovo, Macedonia, Albenia and Bosnia Herzogina.

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