Education in the UK

In general, the British education system is divided into undergraduate and post-graduate education. In the UK, undergraduate education generally lasts for 3 years. In some technical departments, this can take up to 4 years. The academic year in the country usually starts in September and October in most universities. A three-term system of education in the UK is available. Christmas and Easter time, and a long summer holiday is available that covers a whole part of July to September. Each period varies from ten to fourteen weeks in length. The periods are generally longer for schools and colleges, and shorter for universities.British higher education system offers students a quality academic career plans, as well as the professional qualifications of the foreground and incorporates a wide range of training programs will easily find work after graduation.

The British higher education system, deep rooted history, advanced technological infrastructure and research facilities for its students, library and laboratory facilities, have a prestigious place in the world of international education with world famous academic staff. Most of the students prefer studying in the UK for studying English abroad. There are a number of language schools in the UK, where is called the main homeland of English. There are language training units for foreign students in the university and college. No matter which country they come from, students usually want to continue their education in London, known as the Capital of the World. Kosovo students prefer London, Cambridge, Oxford, Bournemouth and Brighton cities for training.

When calculating your education costs in England, you need to calculate not only the university fees but also other expenditure items such as accommodation, transportation, nutrition. Annual tuition fees between private or public schools in the UK vary considerably, with an average annual tuition fee of around 6000 - 15000 GBP.

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