Education in the SWITZERLAND

First of all remember that we are in a very multicultural country. In this small country situated in the middle of Europe, four official languages are spoken: German, French, Italian and Roman. I do not think you will be able to study in Romanian, the number of speakers is below 1%, but it is also very helpful if you choose among the many universities on the other three languages and of course the possibility of studying English.

Switzerland is a highly developed country on human rights. Everyone is respectful in this geography where you can meet people from every culture. Almost everyone goes from home to work or from school to school by bike. Also, let's not forget that many international institutions, the state and, of course, universities offer scholarships to foreign students. State universities in Switzerland are partially free; You have to pay a tuition of 500 to 1000 CHF for one semester, but if you do not work or if you prove that you do not have enough income, you do not give this fee neither.

The average duration of university education is 4 or 5 in some parts. There are preparatory programs for foreign students at the universities in the German language. A very limited number of undergraduate programs are offered in English in Switzerland. However, language proficiency is required for many programs. For this reason, students who will be studying in Switzerland need to take the relevant language examinations and prove their competence.

You will not feel the absence of any sport or activity since the sports and social events clubs of universities in Switzerland are highly developed and free (or with a small fee). On the contrary, you may have a chance to try what you have not done before. There is also free conferences organized by the universities.

Finally, the best thing you can do is to take advantage of the country and visit many other countries around. From Geneva you can take the train to Lyon in 1.5 hours, to Paris in 3 and half hours, to Milano in 4 hours, to Venice in 6 hours, to Heidelberg in 4 hours from Zurich, or to Stuttgart or to Munich.

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