Education in the AUSTRIA

Vienna is a very good option for students who think that university education in is not just a diploma, but that it is important to have a quality and well-known university. Studying in Austria opens doors to a successful future for students. Since all universities are state-sponsored in Austria's university system, the annual fees of the universities are only 750 Euros! For this reason, many students from around the world every year apply to Vienna universities to have a prestigious diploma and to study in economic conditions.

Why is university education in Austria so advantageous?

Studying in Austria means prestige.

Vienna's universities are ranked among the best universities in the world and in European rankings in different ranking rankings each year. Especially the University of Vienna is ranked in the top 70 universities in the world, the 9th in the European rankings.The universities in Vienna will allow you to be preferred all over the world after you have received the diploma.

University education in Austria is one of the world's most economic educational opportunities.The cost of training together with living expenses will not be different than the training you will receive in Kosovo

European Vision and Intellectual Development Advantage in Austria

Vienna is the cultural capital of Europe. It is also selected as one of the most livable cities in the world. Getting a university education is not just about going to and from the campus. The city you live in, your friends, your cultural activities, your travel diversity and many other factors are key parameters of your individual development. Study at Vienna universities will give you a real university education experience.

Life and Social Expenditures in Vienna

The cost of living and studying in Vienna is not very different from the big cities. You can live and study in Austria for the budget as you are studying and living in Kosovo.

You do not have to worry about the next sections after you have successfully passed the most important phase, the DECISION phase. BALKANEDU offers a complete and excellent service for all processes from the first application forms of the students to the first day when they will receive education as a student at the university.

Applying to Vienna universities, obtaining a residence permit and visa procedures is a long and complicated process that must be managed and followed by a professional team. You will be BALKANEDU's experience and confidence in this process which will directly affect your future. Preparation of documents required for university admission, submission of your file to the university by submitting your application to the BALKANEDU Vienna service provider, making the accommodation organization and the registration of your residence permit, preparation of your visa file, visa orientation, making your flight organization and getting to your house and school in Vienna BALKANEDU will always be there. Our services are not limited to these. You will successfully complete your residence permit application in Vienna under the control of BALKANEDU.

When should you apply?

You should plan your application very well if you are going to study for university in Austria. Late applications often obligate to enroll in the next round of enrollment. Unlike in Kosovo, the academic system in Vienna defines summer and winter as independent academic calendars. For this reason, it is possible to apply for both academic periods.

Winter Season

We recommend that you apply as early as February 1, and make reservations for your university. Your ID will be enough to make your reservation. Making an early preliminary application will significantly affect the time it takes to process your transactions.

 Summer Season

 As of September 1, we recommend that you apply quickly and make reservations for your university. Your ID will be enough to make your reservation. Applying early will significantly affect the time it takes to process your transactions.


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