Education in the MEKADONIA

Getting a university education abroad, especially in Europe, has passed at least once in the mind of almost every Kosovan students. It is difficult to realize this idea in case of having bad economic conditions or insufficient knowledge on this issue.
Macedonia is a Balkan country that has completed the pre-negotiation process of the European Union. This is why the terms of educational standards and quality comes before many countries. Diplomas from universities in Macedonia have validity in European countries. In addition, when Macedonia enters the European Union, there will be a significant increase in educational standards and quality of education.

Demand for Macedonian universities is increasing day by day, with the possibility of easily registering to both the state and private universities with high quality of education, and the possibility of receiving education in the departments selected by the students just with high school diploma.
Macedonian universities are offered the opportunity to study without any exam at low tuition fees. The fees for private universities in Macedonia are much lower than the fees in many countries. The cost of living in Macedonia is much more favorable than that of many other countries.
Goce Delcev University, located in Ishpip, has a well-equipped academic staff as well as a long-established educational background. It is possible to study in almost all the departments in this state university which has Educational language in Macedonian. Macedonian language training is offered at the university's own language faculty and includes a six-month preparatory training course. Thus, while students have the opportunity to study in a section they want, they become well-equipped individuals as they learn Macedonian language. In addition to this, universities also provide many outdoor services to students in terms of social activities.

Almost every university has its own dormitories in this country, which has a lot of alternative in terms of housing. The average monthly wage of state dormitories is between 45-50 euros; The average monthly wage is around 150 euros of private dormitory. For those students who do not want to stay at the dorms and prefer to stay at home, we arrange the homes in the criteria they want through the real estate agents we deal with, even before they go to Macedonia in the direction of our consulting service. The average monthly rental price of the houses is around 250-300 euros, while the houses in the center are very luxurious and the price is 400 euros. These rental fees include natural gas, electricity, water and internet and are all paved houses.

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