Education in the KOSOVO

The basis of Kosovo's education system is the Kosovo standards set by the United Nations after NATO intervention. These standards are aimed for raising the future generation of the Kosovo, which is developing in line with the aims set forth and leading this progress.
The main focus of the education system, which is classified as pre-primary education, primary school, lower secondary education, upper secondary education, undergraduate and master, is emphasized as democratic development, capturing new economic opportunities and opening to the world. In this direction, it is aimed that students of all levels, from primary school to master education, are at the forefront of rebuilding Kosovo and becoming an independent state and a developed country.

In the system that sets out the general objectives, the priorities and the target are set forth as follows; To educate young people with skills and equipment that are open to learning in the world where all countries are dependent on each other and with the problems they face. It is among the characteristics of the required generation to recognize and appreciate the students themselves, their families and the society they live with, but also to be respectful and tolerant towards other societies and people.

There are many educational institutions in Kosovo, including leading universities, which bring European quality education at every level. These schools, which are full of students from all over the world, especially in Europe, are the main actors in Kosovo's development and progress.

Why study in Kosovo?
In addition to providing quality education, it offers the opportunity to register without entering the university entrance examination. You can register with your high school diploma to whichever division you want. Compared to the fees of universities in Europe, it also offers very affordable tuition. It is instructed by specialists on their own subjects. Education is based on practice in general and it is aimed to make education permanent by practice. Education is fully supported with the latest technology. It offers education opportunities in Turkish language which no other country provide. Universities also have research centers, and students are aimed at practice-based learning. The cost of living in Kosovo is very affordable as well as education fees. It is a country where students can take education without having financial problem. The official language of the country is not Turkish, Turkish is widely spoken in the country because of the large number of Turks. With this situation providing great comfort for students going from Turkey, students can solve their problems easily. In addition to Turkish education, there are also training opportunities in Albanian, Serbian and English. You have the option to choose according to the language you want to develop. If you prefer to study in Kosovo, you can make your decision in the light of the information that you will receive from Balkan Educational Cosulting (BALKANEDU) without losing your time in Kosovo. You must make the right decision for your future and take this path with solid steps.

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