Education in the BOSNA-HERZEGOVINA

Bosnia and Herzegovina Universities are competing with the world!

Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina is extremely advanced. After the Second World War, the rapidly growing educational activities have led to development. Turkish universities; Zodiac and Education at the International University of Sarajevo and at the American University of Bosnia are in English. At Tranik University and Mostar Cemal Biyedic University, some departments provide English education. The University of Sarajevo, the largest university in the country, was founded in 1949. Sarajevo University, where Turkish, Persian, Arabic languages and literature related chapters are available, also offers Ottoman and Turkish courses.

The language of education in Bosnia is English and Bosnian

Students who will be studying in English, can take English preperation in England or Malta or even in Bosnia if they do not have an adequate English level.
English preparatory education is a very important process that will directly influence the educational processes, motivations, performances and achievements of the students who will study abroad. In this process, the student has to learn the English language and prepare for the university which he will have to use actively throughout his / her education life. However, it is very important for students who will be studying at universities in countries where English is not spoken, to learn English in a native-speaking environment. Unfortunately, many students can not start the university successfully because they can not successfully complete the English preparatory semester, and even come to the point of giving up education. That is why we recommend and educate our students as a BALKAN EDUCATION CONSULATE to study in a country where English is an official language, such as England or Malta. It is a fact that it does not have any extra finanfial burden for both student and parent, but also increase the success and confidence of the student very seriously.

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