Education in the ALBANIA

The Republic of Albania is a country on the Balkan Peninsula. Neighbors are Montenegro in the north, Kosovo in the northeast, Macedonia in the east, and Greece in the south. The language spoken in the country is Albanian. Albanian (spoken and written language) is also used by Albanians living in Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia.

70% of the country is made up of Muslims and 30% is made up of Christians. In the country, the Orthodox sect is more oppressive than Catholicism. The number of Orthodox sects exceeds 500 thousand, while the Catholic population is estimated at 300 thousand. Albania officially became the first atheist state in the world in 1967. However religious freedoms came back again in the early 1990s .
The growth of the economy is based on the aid of international monetary institutions, construction works and funds sent by Albanians living in foreign countries. A third of the population is still working in agriculture and get contribution, providing a quarter of the gross national income. No progress has been made in tourism.

The Albanian education system is divided into four stages to be at the highest level of university education. This higher education is provided for all domestic and foreign students to choose a career depending on their preferences and abilities. Institutions of higher education in the Albanian society ensure that there is an information window for all students interested in the history, tradition, culture and current affairs of the country.

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